Saturday, June 22, 2013

dreamer #000314

We were riding the bus back, she is in my lap, and there is a softness to the space between us that is difficult to describe in words. She is in my lap, but she is also in my being, and I am in hers.
I’m sitting towards the back of the bus, feeling the distinction between our bodies vanish and hum back into existence ever so gently. It comes in waves of energy, filling our consciousnesses.
It’s as if we have taken ecstasy, only I do not remember having done so.
There is only a line of soft pleasure separating two oceans, each ocean possesses one half of a pair that must not be separated.
I say nothing, in my mind, at this time, the feelings are completely normal, because I love her, and I am fully aware that she loves me back.
But then, her eyes are lolling around in her skull as she says to me,
“That man’s book.”
“He showed me a formula inside it, and I saw my D-N-A.”
I look around and notice everyone else seems to be somewhat delirious too. Some are even holding each other the way the girl and I are.
“What book,” I asked her?
Suddenly, I have no idea how I got on a school bus. Or remember how or why I am holding someone, someone whom I am one hundred percent sure is my soulmate. I don’t even know my name, or her name, I only know the feelings between us go that deep. That, and that I didn’t get shown any book with my DNA in it.
“He showed everyone. Don’t you remember?”
A book that contains a formula that can show you your DNA, is remarkable. A book that surely contains more pages like this one, is worth at least a galaxy, I’m thinking, as my mind reels.
“It looked like...two space ships...circling each other”
I look around the bus and I can tell each of the others has seen it. I suddenly feel very out of place.
“I didn’t see a book...or a man.” I tell her.
Suddenly, I notice that this is not a school bus. Clearly I am out of place now, as everyone on the bus is wearing hospital gowns and has apparently had a vision given to them by a man with a book capable of showing you your own DNA in some incredible fashion.
“I didn’t see the book!” I nearly shout.
“What am I doing here?”, fearful now, of the near complete lack of awareness of my surroundings, but still warmly comforted by the presence of the girl rubbing her body against me.
“You must not remember it.” She said to me.
“I didn’t see it!”
“I don’t think I belong here”
She laughs at me. Obviously feeling much of the same pleasure I feel, as we hold each other, existing as two halves of a whole, united.
I think to myself about what I missed out on, but also how dangerous such a vision might be. What had it done to my girl’s mind and the rest of...them...
“My girl?” I think to myself.
I feel so much for this girl that I know to ask her who she is would be foolish, if not insulting, but I do it anyway.
“Who are you?”
The bus stops. We get out.

Outside of a facility of some kind now. There are men here. They ask us a question.
I’m too delerious to comprehend the words, but the meaning is clear. The girl and I accept whatever proposition he makes us. We are pointed towards the facility and as we begin walking towards it another man walks past and shoots both of us with some kind of tiny dart.
The words of the man’s proposition come to me as my vision fades to black.
“If you want to stay together, you will join us at our research facility.”
My last thoughts are filled with happiness about getting to stay with her.
I don’t even notice what happens to the others who do not accept.

I wake up alone in a hospital bed of some kind. Hooked up to intravenous lines and monitors.
I look around and the room is dark, but in the glow of the machinery I see two doctors going over readings.

I slip off the bed and run towards the only door, ripping the lines and monitoring devices violently from my body in the flight. It sends the machines into alert mode, but I’m already out the door and heading down the hall when the doctors stick their heads out of the door.

I’m not wearing shoes, the guard doesn’t hear my footsteps, and he has his nose down in paper work, he barely has time to look up when I pick a metal pen up off his desk and stab him in the jugular vein with it. I look for some way to release the door mechanism, then look in the corner of the hallway and see the camera.

I look back to face the doctors, bloody pen in hand, but instead find myself staring down the barrels of a squad of heavily armed soldiers. They had come in through a hidden door in the hallway, moments after my medical sensors had locked down the building.

I don’t gather any more intel on this escape attempt, as red lasers pick out three spots on my body near major arteries. Darts soon take the place of the red circles of light and everything fades to black, except her.

Rather than hearing it as words, It feels as if she thinks that was stupid of me.

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